/ Occupy Yr Home



How might we begin to encounter, relate, and alter our external relationship to power – the power ‘in the streets’ – were we to mindfully engage and process it first through our relationship to our lives at home?

Occupy Yr. Home (OYH) is a simple project. It asks anyone to meet at a table to discuss how we might begin to reorganize our relationship to power, centering our most immediate space for criticality and mindfulness within our homes, ourselves, and the people we choose to live with. Documents of these meals and the conversations which take place are circulated around the country online and in print in effect creating a distributed table and prolonged conversation across time and space.

Hosting a meal is easy. You’ve likely done it already if you have ever had people over for food or drinks to your house. What did you discuss? How did effect you later? Did it change the way you relate to others? Sometimes simply meeting across the expanse of a table can do that. And sometimes it’s simply a place to sit, chat, and enjoy each others company. OYH instrumentalizes the table as a site of recognition.

How do I host a meal?

– Invite anyone to your home who you think would like to talk about the issues OYH is concerned with. Keep the number manageable so that everyone feels they have the space to talk.

– Prior to arrival remind folks about the topic. A good prompt might be to ask each guest to arrive with a question or concern relating to how we engage power within ourselves and our life at home.

– Agree on a form of documentation. Make sure that everyone is comfortable with the choice. At the very least take notes on the OYH note template (available to download here). That way the thoughts, desires, statements and concerns of the voices at the table to circulate widely in publications about various OYH meals we produce through Wooden Leg Print and Press.

Send whatever documents you produce to us, and / or distribute them yourselves.