The Journal of Radical Shimming is, apart from a means of documenting “radical” histories, a tool in print-form in which to instigate discussion on how we encounter and define these histories; accepted, or otherwise. As well, the JRS is a forum in which to propose simple tools to instigate possible future histories in the making.

Since 2007, and the beginning of Red76’s initiative Revolutionary Spirit (2007 – 2009), the JRS has acted as a tool for the group to convene, consider, and promote ideas between public actions. The JRS is a means of linking disparate publics which might manifest from one Red76 project to the next. It can be seen as an act of publication and not simply a publication itself.

The JRS covets immediacy, relegating dominant modes of production – such as “spell-checking,” and “editing” – into the dustbins of history. Its desire is to think and produce simultaneous. Transparency is key, along with an openness towards the discussion of ideas, and the reformatting of previous considerations in public. The JRS exists as friendly provocation in paper-form.

The Journal of Radical Shimming was founded in Portland, Oregon. It was first distributed through a commission from the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia and the Cooley Gallery at Reed College. Its current home resides within The House to be Named in the Future in South Minneapolis, MN. Released intermittently, the JRS is edited and most often designed by Sam Gould, in continued collaboration with Dylan Gauthier, Gabriel Mindel Saloman, and many others.

Always free of charge as a conceptual distribution mechanism, the content of the JRS is decidedly not online. One may find it, request to act as a distributor, or visit the library of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City wherein the first fifteen issues are archived.