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September 21 - 28th
in conjunction with Creative Time's Democracy in America Convergence Center @ The Park Avenue Armory

+ Within the bar room and surrounding environs of the Park Avenue Armory (643 Park Avenue)
+ Central Park
+ Cabinet Magazine Event and Exhibition Space (300 Nevins St. - Brooklyn, NY)
+ Various restaurants off of the 7 line in Queens, NY


Unless otherwise noted all activities will take place within the Park Ave. Armory bar room or elsewhere within the Armory itself.

(You may call 1-888-339-4496 for daily updates concerning our activities, or link to www.an-archivist.org/tavernculture)

September 21st:

7 – 10pm
Political Mask Making Party - Join us in the bar room within the Park Ave. Armory for a political mask making party. Make masks that attempt to answer the questions:

"What does a politician look like?"

"What does a radical look like?"

"What does a citizen look like?"

As masking making progresses groups will be formed and speechifying will commence.

September 22nd:

12 – 2pm
LunchTime Topics - Each lunch hour from the 22nd thru the 27th we will host an informal discussion within the bar room. Starting with the days headlines we will lead into a conversation – developed from a new question for the group each day) concerning how politics enters into our everyday.

Paige Saez and Anslem Hook will discuss their Iraq War Body Count Campaign, which utilizes Twitter as a means of political action, and venture to discuss how everyday technology can be used for broad sociopolitical action.

7 – 9pm
HappyHour – As opposed to our more informal lunch time get-together's each Happy Hour will facilitate a more formalized discussion regarding politics and our everyday lives.

Introducing the MRCC

Columbus, Urbana, Chicago, the Driftless Area, Minneapolis. Global circuits are great, and we all love our neighborhood, but could the regional be where it's at? Dan S. Wang talks about his year thinking, working, and seeing the Midwest Radical Culture Corridor, which was there underfoot all along. Fellow travelers will help tell the tale and give their angles. The brand new book, A Call to Farms: Continental Drift through the MRCC, will be available for (considering the 40% inflation about to hit us) next to nothing!


September 23rd:

11.45am – ?pm
LunchTime Topics – Postcards from Flushing.

We are going lunch-hopping in Flushing. We will try new Chinese dishes, maybe some Korean bbq, probably some South Asian, too. While eating, we'll think and talk about, and absorb, the aesthetics and political questions presented by migration. I will have stamped postcards on hand so we can record our thoughts, drop them in mailboxes, and have them be a part of a steadily growing postcard project now on display at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, and also collected online.


Meet at the Information Booth Clock in the main hall of Grand Central Terminal at 11.45am

September 24th:

12 – 2pm
LunchTime Topics

7 – 9pm
An evening examining interloping and social action with artist and activist Marisa Jahn and Dave Rankin, Lawyer for the NYC Chapter of the National Lawyer’s Guild

+ I, Interloper: Espionage and the Contingency of Identity
(Marisa Jahn)

Interloper – def: someone who intrudes on the privacy or property of another without permission.

In her recent work as an artist and activist, Jahn evidences a fascination with the process of surveillance, trespassing, and espionage. In I, Interloper Jahn discusses recent projects in which she is both the subject and object of surveillance. Recently, she stalked her mailman, but was in turn stalked by the FBI Postal Division under the false allegation she was conducting a mail fraud ring with the postman. In her day job as a video journalist with a group called I-Witness Video, Jahn is involved in “probing police actions at mass demonstrations, revealing illegal police surveillance, and exposing official lies.” Perhaps not uncoincidentally, I-Witness was recently falsely accused by the police of holding people hostage in their office. To her midnight caller with a blocked ID, Jahn reads chapters from 1001 Arabian Nights over the telephone until the stalker hangs up. She begins reading where she left off when the ‘stalker’ calls again.

Jahn cites several points of origin for this ongoing investigation in which the sense of difference instills a sense of being an outsider to participation – her childhood as a half-Chinese, half-Ecuadorian living in a very very white Dallas, Texas and the informal barriers faced by women in occupational advancement and professional settings. Detourning the sense of being an ‘outsider’ and making it a departure point for infiltrating and interloping, Jahn investigates the psychoanalytic and political dimensions of boundary crossing. Jahn’s work veers between light-hearted humor and dark violence to question notions of alterity and the gender biases of espionage.

+ Infiltrants, Informants – Gathering Information from the Other
(Dave Rankin)

Did you know that of the 15 main coordinators for the RNC Welcoming Committee, a group of activists organizing forms of dissent at the Republican National Committee in Saint Paul-Minnesota 2008, two were paid informants to the FBI and one was a federal undercover agent? Dave Rankin, Executive Committee Member for the NYC Chapter of the National Lawyer’s Guild exposes this and other greatest hits about recent and past infiltration and government surveillance of activist groups in the 20th century.

September 25th:

12 – 2pm
LunchTime Topics

7 – 9pm
HappyHour – A mystery speaking will discuss Charles Schenck V. United States (the WWI era case of political dissent that brought about the phrase, thanks to justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, about not being able to "shout fire in a crowed theatre), as well as the case in light of The Patriot Act, its connections to H.L. Mencken's "Bathtub Hoax," and the Greek Cynical Philosopher Diogenes ("The Dog").

September 26th:

12- 2pm
LunchTime Topics

Happy Hour – Our activities will begin within the bar room at the Armory with Arrington de Dionyso and the Modern Garage Movement. Acting as our "marching band" Arrington and MGM will lead us out of the Armory and we will parade over to Central Park. Upon arrival within the park we will construct a new tavern, at that time Ted Purves will lead a discussion.

September 27th:

12 – 2pm
LunchTime Topics

7 – 9pm
Happy Hour – We're keeping our last hurrah at the Armory bar room a surprise. Do join us. It will, we hope, be fun.

September 28th:

Revolutionary Table: Welcome to Home, Wa.


On September 28th Red76 will facilitate a Revolutionary Table dinner - with presenters Sam Gould and Gabriel Mindel Saloman - regarding the history of Home, Wa., its historical off-spring, and the power of myth and conviviality as a political vehicle. Sam and Gabriel will discuss their research from over the last year into Home as well as the projects that their research has spawned, such as issue #4 of the Journal of Radical Shimming, and the interactive online representation of Home, Wa., entitled Second Home (www.welcometosecondhome.org).

Breaking from tradition, this Revolutionary Table get-together will cost a little money ($20), but that is because the mobile restaurateurs, Coach Peaches, will be preparing an extravagant Pacific Northwest inspired meal for all in attendance. It's BYOB - so bring some booze along - though there will be a special pre-dinner drink served for all.

The dinner will take place at the new office space/project room of the good folks at Cabinet Magazine. We are tickled pink to be there.

In regard to the finale of the nights presentation, we encourage you to dress in clothes that you wouldn't mind possibly never wearing again. Maybe dress yourself in the fashion that you think someone from Home would attire themselves in?

The meal is limited to 24 seats, and space is already filling up fast. Please RSVP if you would like to attend by writing us at ask@red76.com


Cabinet Magazine Event and Exhibition Space
300 Nevins St.
Brooklyn, NY
(More info here: http://www.cabinetmagazine.org/events/eventspace.php)


Revolutionary Table: Welcome to Home, Wa.
Sunday, September 28th

Cost: $20 (BYOB, pre-dinner drink provided)


In the late summer of 1895 three men - B.F. O'Dell, George Allen, and Oliver Verity - built themselves a small boat and set out into the Puget Sound south of Tacoma, Washington. The men, all former members of a failed planned community, Glennis - were looking for a spot to settle to create a new home for themselves and their families, as well as any other person who was interested in living a life free of arbitrary restrictions and the laws of man.

O'Dell, Allen, and Verity's afternoon ride brought about the creation of Home, Washington, founded in 1896, one of the Pacific Northwest's oldest Anarchist/Free Love/ Free Thought communities.

In its time Home, though isolated within the Puget Sound's Key Peninsula, became a hot spot of progressive thought, group learning, and radical living. The town published countless newspapers and journals within its day that were distributed widely around the US and abroad (Clothed by the Sun, New Era, The Demonstrator, Dissent, to name a few), all which garnered Home the attention of the Post Master General and lovers of censorship such as the likes of Anthony Comstock.

The members of Home built Liberty Hall as a site for learning available to all members of the community, young and old. It served as the meeting house for the town, held classes, and hosted any traveler coming through who wished to speak their mind; bearded cross-dressers, nudists, Emma Goldman, Eugene Debs, Catholic clergymen from up the Sound in Tacoma, all shared space at the podium within Liberty Hall.

Working off a particular disputed history of Home involving a U.S. Marshall, restrictive obscenity laws, and a convivial banquet, the evening will touch on the history of Home, Wa., the people and groups who have been inspired by Home, and ideas for conviviality as a progressive tool for mindfulness and social change.


Red76's initiative, Revolutionary Table, has facilitated topic driven meals across the country since late 2006, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Portland, Oregon, San Jose California, to Brooklyn, New York, and most recently with Peavey Plaza in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota during the Republican National Convention. The series aims at harnessing the existing power and convivial nature of dinner table conversations to discuss topics of import to the area in which the meal is held.

Each meal is simultaneously recorded and broadcast via small range radio transmitter throughout the area in which the meal is being held, while guests to the project invite the neighborhood to join them by hand-drawing fliers prior to the day's meal.