At the center of each manifestation of Surplus Seminar lies
Anywhere/Anyplace Academy (A/AA). A/AA serves as a hub to bring people together and dream up the myriad possibilities inherent in the repurposing of knowledge.

A/AA exists through the shared skills, know-how, and collaboration of each person who chooses to help construct it. Taking different forms depending on the location in which it is built a A/AA schoolhouse is constructed through the utilization of excess, cast-off materials from the area wherein that manifestation of Surplus Seminar takes place. In this regard each A/AA bears the visual markings of its area, its economy, and its residents skill-sets and interests. A A/AA schoolhouse in Columbus, Ohio may predominantly be constructed through the retro-fitting of a disused shipping container, while a school in Portland, Oregon may, for instance, resemble a early twentieth century single room school by having its primary building material be that of a torn-down barn constructed from old growth timber. No matter the structure, or the materials with which it was built, all manifestations of A/AA promote active thinking, improvisation, and collaborative action, creating an anarchic center for generative thought. A/AA promotes the notion that learning and knowledge exists all around us, like surplus goods looking to be retrofitted and utilized rather than seen as trash, useless, a forgotten commodity, ready to be thrown in the dump.